Thank you for…

Direct mail has always been thought of as a means to attract new customers.  Though direct mail campaign is an effective means to achieve this it is often perceived as a “one-note” type of marketing medium-sales and acquisition.

With so many options for consumers to choose from, there will be much more emphasis on customer retention than in previous years.  Direct mail is successful in achieving new blood but it is also successful in retaining your most loyal customers and even customers who may be contemplating leaving your company for your competitors.

Customers have always and will always want to be appreciated.  This will never change.  A simple “thank you” postcard after a purchase has been made, or randomly throughout the year, goes a long way. These don’t even have to be marketing materials with a sales pitch or a call to action but they should be pieces that are heavily branded.  Now that is not to say that this replaces a current direct mail campaign but it should be used in addition to the traditional direct mail sales campaign.  It may seem like a lot but the payoff justifies implementing a customer retention direct mail campaign.

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