Out With the Old, In With the New

Let’s talk about rebranding and remarketing your business. As a consumer this could mean one of two things. This could mean that your company is not performing well and must make changes in order to accommodate for this or this could mean that your company is thriving and must make changes in order to accommodate for growth. It is imperative to analyze everything as if you were an outsider looking in.
Change is a scary thing in today’s business environment. It is perceived as a risky move. Change also brings thoughts of “how much is this going to cost me as a current client”, “how many service interruptions will I be encountering”, “Am I going to have to deal with new, less seasoned representatives”, etc. The ultimate concern is that the company will be increasing costs for subpar service. And this is the concern whether your company is rebranding because it is doing poorly or doing outstanding. With so many instances where I have personally been on the phone for literally hours trying to resolve issues I would gladly pay more for consistent and reliable service.
A business must honestly communicate what and why changes are being made and to emphasize that business strengths will be used and weaknesses will be fixed. If you make a promise to concerned hot leads, loyal clients or the media be sure to keep it. If you can’t keep it, don’t make it. There’s nothing that will send a customer or client packing more than a broken promise especially in the business environment today where most people have been burned by businesses making “promises” to them. And with the population so connected by social media, one broken promise can lead to a broken reputation and a broken business.
Of course your operations must be sound but you cannot forget about the surface appearance of your company during rebranding. Don’t forget about or skimp on appearances, it’s what gets you noticed.
• Your logo must be more attractive and subtly identify the reinvention of the company
• Your uniforms or business clothing must be more professional (or less, depending which direction your business is taking)
• Your stationary and physical marketing material must be higher in quality
• Social media outlets must have a more polished look (no crooked logos, posts must have more visual appeal)
• The company website must be revamped.
• The greeting when calls are answered must be more inviting
• If you have a physical location where customers or clients visit, this location must have new landscaping, paint, signs, etc.
• If you don’t have an 800 number, get one. Though 800 numbers really don’t mean much, as nearly every phone company offers free long distance and long distance calls are non-existent in the cell phone world, it still adds an amount of credibility to a business. (http://800.com, http://grasshopper.com/800numbers/)
• If you don’t have a business address, get one. Renting a box from the UPS store or FedEx, rather than the USPS, allows for the use of their physical address so your business can receive any type of mail and have a more professional look.

Business Name Business Name
P.O. Box xxxxx VS 1234 Example Ave #567
City, State, ZIP City, State, ZIP

• If you don’t have a business email, get one. You might also need to change email hosts in order to accommodate for growth. (Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft 36 Small Business, Atmail Cloud, to name a few)